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The Climate Change Laws of the World database builds on more than a decade of data collection by the Grantham Research Institute at LSE and the Sabin Center at Columbia Law School. The database is powered by machine learning and natural language processing technology developed by Climate Policy Radar.

Climate Change Laws of the World covers national-level climate change legislation and policies globally. The database covers climate and climate-related laws, as well as laws and policies promoting low carbon transitions, which reflects the relevance of climate policy in areas including energy, transport, land use, and climate resilience. This database originates from a collaboration between the Grantham Research Institute and GLOBE International on a series of Climate Legislation Studies.

Use and reference of the data

For information about using and referencing the data, please see our Terms of Use.

Invitation to contribute

We aim for the datasets to be as comprehensive and accurate as possible. However, there is no claim to have identified every relevant law, policy or court case in the countries covered. We invite anyone to draw our attention to any information we may have missed or any errors or updates to existing data. Please fill out our form or email to contribute.