• Energy Regulatory Authority Act, Act No.3 of 2011 (Chapter 13:23)
    This Act establishes the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA). The ZERA regulates the procurement, production, transportation, transmission, distribution, importation and exportation of energy derived from any energy source. ZERA is responsible for promotion of renewable energy. The Energy...
  • Environmental Management Act (EMA), Act No.13 of 2002 (Chapter 20:27), revisions under Act No.5 of 2004 (s.23) and Act No. 6 of 2005 (s.28)
    Last change in April, 2006
    This Act outlines provisions for sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment. It establishes various environment-related agencies including National Environmental Council, Environmental Management Agency, Environment Management Board, Environment Fund, Environmen...
  • Electricity Act, Act No.4 of 2002 (Chapter 13:19), revision under Act No.3 of 2003
    This Act repeals the former Electricity Act. It establishes the Zimbabwe Electricity Regulatory Commission and details its functions and management rules. The Commission has the objectives to create and promote efficient industry and market structures, maximise access to electricity services, ens...
  • Civil Protection Act
    Last change in December, 2001
    This Act sets up the administration for civil protection at state and local level in Zimbabwe, provides with respect to the declaration of a state of disaster and operations in case of disaster and established National Civil Protection Fund. It establishes a Director of Civil Protection who shall...
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