• Law on the Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution
    Last change in January, 2016
    This law's purpose is "protecting and improving the environment, preventing and controlling atmospheric pollution, safeguarding public health, advancing ecological civilization and promoting the sustainable development of economy and society" (Art 1). It calls for comprehensive measures to be tak...
  • Renewable Energy Act (Legislative)
    Last change in December, 2009
    This Act describes duties of the government, business and other users in renewable energy development and use. It includes measures and goals relating to mandatory grid connection, price management regulation, differentiated pricing, special funds and tax reliefs, and sets the goal to realise 15%...
  • Energy Conservation Law
    The Act aims to strengthen energy conservation, particularly for key energy-using entities, promote efficient use of energy and adoption of energy conservation technology. The Act requires the government to encourage and support the application of renewable energy in various areas. Monitoring ar...
  • Forest Law of the People's Republic of China
    Last change in December, 1998
    This law aims at protecting, cultivating and rationally exploiting forest resources, accelerating territorial afforestation and making use of forests in water storage and soil conservation, climate regulation, environmental improvement and supply of forest products to meet the requirements of soc...
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