• General Law for Sustainable Forest Development
    Last change in April, 2020
    This law replaces the 2003 general law for sustainable forest development. Specific objectives of this law (stated at art. 3) include: 1) the promotion of sustainable forest management in order to help maintain and increase carbon stocks, reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation...
  • General Law on Climate Change
    Last change in July, 2018
    The approval of the GLCC gives certainty and continuity to climate policy in Mexico and sets the country on a path to a low carbon economy. It establishes the basis for the creation of institutions, legal frameworks and financing to move towards a low carbon economy. As a General Law, it specifie...
  • Law of General Ecological Balance and Protection of the Environment.
    Last change in June, 2018
    This laws the framework document for environmental protection in Mexico. It was amended in 2016, 2017 and 2018 to include climate change issues, along side the establishment of new rules and fines. Art. 2.V) states that the formulation and execution of mitigation actions and adaptation to climat...
  • Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration
    Last change in March, 2018
    The 2014 amendment of the 1976 Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration deals with energy policy in article 33 (p.26). The article states that the Secretary for Energy is responsible for establishing, conducting and coordinating the country's energy policy. The Secretary must give prior...
  • Energy Transition Law
    Last change in December, 2017
    The Energy Transition Act's purpose is to promote sustainable and efficient use of energy, regulate the obligations of power companies related to the mandatory share of clean energies (including natural gas, and CCS with emissions not exceeding 100 kg/MWh), and push for the reduction of the pollu...
  • Decree issuing the Electricity Industry Law, the Geothermal Energy Law and amending the Law on National Waters
    The present decree approves the Electricity Industry Law (LIE) and the Geothermal Energy Law. The LIE regulates part of the changes arising from the Constitutional Reform in energy matters of 2013. It modifies the regime of the electricity sector to move to a new model based on the free competit...
  • Special Tax Law on Production and Services (carbon tax and credits)
    Last change in December, 2013
    The 2012 amendments to the Special Tax Law introduced Mexico's carbon tax. It covers fossil fuel sales and imports by manufacturers, producers, and importers and is capped at 3% of the sales price of the fuel. Rather than imposing a levy on the full carbon content of fuels, it taxes the additiona...
  • Energy Reform Package
    The Constitutional Reform on Energy (Energy Reform Decree and related 9 newly created laws and 12 modified laws) aims to modernise the energy system by introducing greater competitiveness and efficiency to the hydrocarbons sector, supporting shift towards low-carbon electricity generation and int...
  • Accelerated Depreciation for Investments with Environmental Benefits
    The bill establishes that investments in environmentally friendly technologies, including renewable energy, could profit from accelerated depreciation. The information of the bill involves the Secretariat of Natural Resources and Environment as well as the Secretariat of Finance. The bill allows...
  • Law for Bioenergy Promotion and Development
    This law seeks to reduce GHG emissions as per the international instruments to which Mexico is a signatory. The Secretariat of Agriculture is charged with developing the Programme of Sustainable Input Production for Bioenergy and Scientific and Technological Development. The Inter-sectoral Commi...
from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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