South Africa


  • National Energy Efficiency Strategy
    This document is based on the White Paper on Energy Policy (1998) and determines how to improve energy utilisation, mainly through improvements in energy intensity and decoupling economic growth from energy demand. The National Energy Efficiency Strategy (2016), only released as a draft, aims to ...
  • National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Regulations
    The purpose of the National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Regulations is to introduce a single national reporting system for the transparent reporting of greenhouse gas emissions, which will be used to maintain a National Greenhouse Gas Inventory, allow South Africa to meet its UNFCCC report...
  • Sectoral Cold Spell Management Plan
    South Africa's Sectoral Cold Spell Management Plan outlines how to manage projected increases in the frequency of cold spells in the country's agricultural sector due to climate change. It has three broad objectives: Reduce the negative impacts of cold spells through sustainable cold spell manag...
  • National Climate Change and Health Adaptation Plan 2014-2019
    This plan, part of South Africa's National Climate Change Response Policy, has six core objectives: To develop and implementation plan for climate change and health adaptation in South Africa To develop indicators to monitor the implementation of the plan To align the plan with the framework for...
  • National Climate Change Response Policy White Paper (NCCRP)
    The National Climate Change Response Policy is a comprehensive plan to address both mitigation and adaptation in the short, medium and long term (up to 2050). GHG emissions are set to stop increasing at the latest by 2020-2025, to stabilise for up to 10 years and then to decline in absolute terms...
  • Drought Management Plan
    South Africa's Drought Management Plan has four key areas of focus: institutional arrangements, integrated institutional capacity, disaster risk assessment and reduction planning, and response and recovery. The plan proposes a number of specific actions, including creating and maintaining an inf...
from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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