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How to use this resource

You can use this resource to:

  • Search the full text of over 5000 laws, policies and UNFCCC submissions from every country.
  • See exact matches and related phrases highlighted in the text.
  • Find documents from all languages translated to English to increase accessibility.

Watch the video below to learn how to use this resource


Your site looks different, what's changed?

We’ve been working with our partners, Climate Policy Radar, to redesign and upgrade our legislation database, bringing you a better experience and new features to help you explore and interact with the data. You can now:

  • Conduct searches in the full text of documents in the database. This improves the comprehensiveness of your search results.
  • Find relevant information more easily. The new search function looks for similar and related phrases to search queries (‘semantic search’). Previously, results were based on finding exact matches to your query within document titles, summaries, and document metadata (keywords).
  • See where a search term or relevant text appears in a document, with relevant passages of text automatically highlighted in yellow to help you identify important information more quickly.
  • Search and explore documents from various UNFCCC data portals, including Nationally Determined Contributions, National Communications, Adaptation Communications, IPCC reports, and submissions by Parties and non-Party stakeholders to the first Global Stocktake, and more.

More features are coming soon. Stay updated to find out when we launch them.

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