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Allhoff-Cramer v. Volkswagen AG

Jurisdiction: Regional Court of Detmold

Side A: Allhoff-Cramer (Individual)

Side B: Volkswagen AG (Corporation)

Core objectives: Whether Volkswagen’s business activities constitute a violation of claimant’s rights, and the company can be ordered to reduce its emissions to avoid further and future infringements of rights.

In November 2021, an organic farmer sued Volkswagen AG (VW) for its excessive emissions of carbon dioxide. The plaintiff submits that Volkswagen’s business activities are adversely impacting his personal liberty and property rights. He submits that VW, as the world’s second largest car manufacturer is partly responsible for the damage climate change has caused to his farm in the form of droughts and heavy rains. Claimant argues that VW’s sale of millions of cars, exacerbates the climate crisis, causing future losses.

Amongst others, the claimants seeks a declaration that between 2021 and 2029 Volkswagen, a maximum of 25% of its passenger cars and light commercial vehicles sold may operate on an internal combustion engine, and from 2030 onwards none at all. Claimants also submits that defendant must reduce its CO2 emissions by 65% as compared to its 2018 emissions. In February 24, 2023, the court rejected the farmer's claims. The court ruled that the suit was unfounded. It said that it couldn't establish that the alleged damage to the plaintiff's property, health and rights could be remedied by the measures he demanded alone.
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from the Grantham Research Institute
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