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Ashgar Leghari v. Federation of Pakistan (Lahore High Court Green Bench 2015)

Jurisdiction: Pakistan

Side A: Ashgar Leghari (Individual)

Side B: Federation of Pakistan (Government)

Core objectives: Farmer challenged government for failure to carry out core provisions of 2012 law.

An appellate court in Pakistan granted the claims of Ashgar Leghari, a Pakistani farmer, who had sued the national government for failure to carry out the 2012 National Climate Policy and Framework. On September 4, 2015 the court, citing domestic and international legal principles, determined that "the delay and lethargy of the State in implementing the Framework offend the fundamental rights of the citizens." As a remedy, the court 1) directed several government ministries to each nominate "a climate change focal person" to help ensure the implementation of the Framework, and to present a list of action points by December 31, 2015; and 2) created a Climate Change Commission with representatives of key ministries, NGOs, and technical experts. On September 14 the court issued a supplemental decision naming 21 individuals to the Commission and vesting it with various powers. The court stated that it would retain jurisdiction until its instructions were executed.
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from the Grantham Research Institute
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