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This page was last updated on 1 June 2023.

This page outlines the definitions, scope and principles used to collect and categorise the laws and policies contained in the Climate Change Laws of the World dataset. This dataset originates from a collaboration between the Grantham Research Institute at LSE and GLOBE International on a series of Climate Legislation Studies. The dataset is currently maintained by LSE, in partnership with Climate Policy Radar.

In addition to the Climate Change Laws of the World dataset, this database includes documents from UNFCCC portals. These documents are offered alongside national level climate change laws and policies to help users in gaining a comprehensive understanding of national level climate action. For details of the documents included, please visit our FAQs. To understand more about how new document types may be added in future, visit the Climate Policy Radar methodology page.

Classifications described below have been assigned manually. LSE, Climate Policy Radar, and our partners are currently working to develop classifications powered by AI. Sign up to our newsletter to receive updates.

Scope of documents included

Definitions and classifications: currently in use

Data collection process

Country profiles data

Principles and limitations

Definitions and classifications: not currently in use


Annex I: Targets methodology

Annex II: List of instruments