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Energy Policy Act 2005 (Energy Bill)

·2005·Legislative·MitigationMore details
Sectors: Energy, Transport, Waste

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Energy Policy Act 2005 (Energy Bill)
  • 2% annual reduction in energy consumption per gross square foot of Federal buildings by 2015 against a 2004 baselineBuildings: Energy Efficiency · Target year: 2015
  • 25% improvement in energy efficiency by 2012 against a 1990 baselineEnergy: Energy Efficiency · Target year: 2012
  • Install solar energy system in 20,000 Federal buildings by 2010Buildings: Renewable Energy · Target year: 2010
  • Produce 1,000,000,000 gallons annually of cellulosic biofuels by 2015Energy: Renewable Energy: Biofuels · Target year: 2015
  • At least 7.5% renewable energy of total Federal Government consumption by 2013 and each fiscal year thereafterEnergy: Renewable Energy · Target year: 2013





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