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Green Growth Framework 2014

2014PolicyDisaster Risk Management, Mitigation, Loss And DamageMore details
Sectors: LULUCF, Transport, Waste
Resilient infrastructure, Fossil fuel divestment, Net zero growth plan, Sustainable fishing

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Green Growth Framework 2014
  • Renewable energy share in electricity generation to be around 99% by 2030 from the 61% in 2013Energy: Renewable Energy · Target year: 2030
  • Tourism and manufacturing industries to work towards utilising 100% renewable energy by 2030Tourism: Renewable Energy · Target year: 2030
  • Reduce Fiji's dependence on imported fossil fuel for transportation which is using around 42% (2010) of final energy consumption, to around 32% by 2020 and 22% by 2030Transportation: Fuels · Target year: 2030