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Green hydrogen roadmap

·2020·Policy·MitigationMore details
Sectors: Energy

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Green hydrogen roadmap
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Hoja de Ruta del Hidrogeno
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Green Hydrogen Roadmap: Executive Summary
  • Carbon neutrality by 2050Economy-wide · Target year: 2050
  • Reduce GHG emissions by 4.6 million tons of CO2 equivalent in the period 2020-2030Economy-wide · Target year: 2020
  • Reduce GHG emissions by 90% relative to 1990 levelsEconomy-wide · Target year: 2050
  • 100-150 public access hydrogen plants for refueling by 2030Transport · Target year: 2030
  • 2 commercial trains to be powered by hydrogen by 2030Transport · Target year: 2030





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