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National Climate Change Strategy (Resolution of the Parliament no 29/2008)

·2008·Legislative·AdaptationMore details
Sectors: Economy-wide, Energy, Transport

Main documents

National Climate Change Strategy 2008-2025
PDF (Original Language)
National Climate Change Strategy
PDF (Translation)
  • Reduction by 16% to 25% of GHG emissions (in the case of a EU 20% plan) or reduction by 27% to 34% (in the case of EU 30% plan) by 2025 compared with a 1990 baselineEconomy-wide: Economy Wide · Target year: 2025
  • 25 to 33 M tonnes of CO2 captured, or even 47 to 58 M in case of planting fast-growing tree species by 2025LULUCF: Afforestation · Target year: 2025
  • At least 16% of alternative energy for overall energy consumption, and 18% of green energy for electricity by 2020Energy: Renewable Energy · Target year: 2020





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