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Djibouti. National communication (NC). NC 3., National Communication from Djibouti in 2021


Djibouti First NDC, Nationally Determined Contribution from Djibouti in 2016


This law establishes a framework legal framework in the field of energy efficiency in the Republic of Djibouti. Energy efficiency is recognized by the State of Djibouti as a national priority insofar as it is part of an approach of national independence and sustainable economic and social development respectful of the environment. Public and private establishments, whose ...

  • 40% (unconditional) to additional 20% (conditional) reduction in GHG emissions by 2030 compared to the referece scenario, equivalent to 1.8 MtCO2e (unconditional) to an additional 0.9 MtCO2e (conditional) reduction in 2030Economy-wide: Economy Wide · Target year: 2030
  • Going from 100% thermal to 100% renewable energy supply by 2020 against a 2010 baselineEnergy: Renewable Energy · Target year: 2020Source: Vision Djibouti 2035
  • Distribution of 5 million low energy light bulbs; 3000 more efficient AC installation each year; 4500 more efficient refrigerators installation each yearEnergy: Demand Side Efficiency: Appliances
  • 1000 ha agroforestry systemAgriculture: Climate Smart Agriculture
  • 5 MW energy production using tidal turbines in GoubetEnergy: Renewable Energy: Ocean