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Cap. 610 Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance provides the legislative basis for the energy efficiency labelling of infrastructure. This Ordinance requires compliance with codes of practice in relation to energy efficiency of air-conditioning installations, electrical installations, lift and escalator installations and lighting installations. It also sets out energy audi...


This document sets Hong Kong's climate policy vision until 2050 and details how its net zero emission commitment and other targets should be achieved by then. It follows the Climate Action Plan 2030+ that was released in 2017. The plan emphasises on zero-emission electricity generation, energy savings in buildings, decarbonisation of the transport sector, and a reduction o...


This document sets Hong Kong's vision on how to achieve zero carbon transport, clean air and smart city features. The roadmap summarises a large range of decisions aiming at electrify the country's mobility. Measures include 1) the creation of a Green Tech Fund, 2) imposes no new registration of fuel-propelled private cars including hybrid vehicles in 2035 or earlier, 3) s...