Smarter Travel - A Sustainable Transport Future: A New Transport Policy for Ireland 2009-2020

Passed in 2009
This document reflects the government's vision and required measures to have a sustainable transport system by 2020. It sets out below five goals:
  • To reduce overall travel demand
  • To maximize the efficiency of the transport network
  • To reduce reliance on fossil fuels
  • To reduce transport emissions
  • To improve accessibility to transport
 In order to achieve these goals and ultimately ensure that sustainable travel and transport is in place by 2020, the following key targets are proposed:
  • Future population and employment growth will take place predominantly in sustainable compact forms, which would reduce the need to travel for employment and services
  • 500,000 more people will make alternative means to commute and total share of car commuting will drop from 65% to 45%
  • Support and provide alternative methods such as walking, cycling and public transport, to rise the share to 55% of total commuter journeys to work
  • Total kilometres travelled by the car fleets in 2020 will not increase significantly from current levels
  • Reduction of GHG emission from transport sector will be achieved compared to the 2005 level
 Following these objectives and targets, following key actions are proposed:
  • Reduce distance travelled by private cars and encourage smarter travel (e.g. encourage people to live close to workplaces, use pricing mechanisms or fiscal measures to encourage behavioural changes)
  • Ensure alternatives to the car are more widely available, mainly through radically improved public transport service and through investment in cycling and walking.
  • Improve the fuel efficiency of motorised transport through improved fleet structure, energy efficient driving and alternative technologies.
  • Strengthen institutional arrangements to deliver the targets.
 The 2017 National Mitigation Plan lists a number of plans, schemes and frameworks building on this document to achieve decarbonisation in the transport sector.

  • 10% transport energy from renewable by 2020
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from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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