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Global Climate Risk Index

The annually published Global Climate Risk Index analyses to what extent countries have been affected by the impacts of weather-related loss events (storms, floods, heat waves etc.).

Published by German Watch https://www.germanwatch.org/en/cri
Share of Global Emissions
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Climate targets in National Law & Policy

Latest Documents

, 2018

The National Climate Change Policy establishes 22 strategies in order to ensure that stakeholders address climate change impacts and their causes through the identification, mainstreaming and implementation of adaptation and mitigation measures, while promoting sustainable development.Its main objectives are 1) promote climate-resilient, social, economic and environmental ...

, 2012

This plan sets the government's development vision over the period 2012-2017 and sets specific actions. Vulnerability to climate change is one of the key challenges identified in the document (2.2.3). Climate adaptation is one part of the strategic objective defined, alongside reversing environmental degradation (5.5).

, 2008

This Policy mainly aims at reducing poverty, create jobs and improve conditions in the country by securing tree cover on lands, and improving the legal and administrative framework related tot he sector. Carbon sequestration is a notable objective of the policy.

, 2008

This Act establishes a legal framework related to the protection and management of environmental resources. Art. 3 (i) specifies that the authorities in charge should prevent any interference with the climate and take compensatory measures for such interferences.

, 2005

The Vision 2020's ambition is to to make Lesotho a stable, peaceful, developed, richer and environmentally-friendly democracy by 2020. It notably promotes the production and use of renewable energy, and better land use management (against desertification, protection of forests and mountain ecosystems).

  • 10% (unconditional) to 35% (conditional) reduction in GHG emissions by 2030 compared to the BAU scenarioEconomy-wide: Economy Wide | Target year: 2030
  • 21,000 hectares of forested areas by 2020LULUCF: Afforestation | Target year: 2020Source: Lesotho Vision 2020
  • 30% penetration rate of efficient stoves in 2030Energy: Clean Cooking And Heating: Efficient Cookstoves | Target year: 2030
  • 7.5% (0.5% per annum) reduction in transmission and distribution loses from 2015 until 2030Energy: Supply Side Efficiency: Grid/Energy Loss Reduction | Target year: 2030
  • 35 MW wind power (2017)Energy: Renewable Energy: Wind | Target year: 2017