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Lesotho. Biennial update report (BUR). BUR 1., Biennial Update Report from Lesotho in 2021


Lesotho. National Communication (NC). NC 3., National Communication from Lesotho in 2021


Lesotho First NDC, Nationally Determined Contribution from Lesotho in 2018

  • 10% (unconditional) to 35% (conditional) reduction in GHG emissions by 2030 compared to the BAU scenarioEconomy-wide: Economy Wide · Target year: 2030
  • 21,000 hectares of forested areas by 2020LULUCF: Afforestation · Target year: 2020Source: Lesotho Vision 2020
  • 30% penetration rate of efficient stoves in 2030Energy: Clean Cooking And Heating: Efficient Cookstoves · Target year: 2030
  • 7.5% (0.5% per annum) reduction in transmission and distribution loses from 2015 until 2030Energy: Supply Side Efficiency: Grid/Energy Loss Reduction · Target year: 2030
  • 35 MW wind power (2017)Energy: Renewable Energy: Wind · Target year: 2017