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The Energy Strategy outlines the goals for the period of 2021 - 2030, the measures that are required to advance energy efficiency and the expansion of renewable energies. It also sets out a vision to 2050. The Energy Strategy 2030 sets out the following goals:20% reduction of energy demand with a 2008 baseline;30% renewable energies (17% produced domestically); and40%...


This document sets out Liechtenstein's climate strategy to 2050. This includes:Reaching net zero by 2050;By 2030, 50% GHG emissions reduction compared to 1990 levels. 40% are to be reduced domestically, 10% abroad; andBy 2050, reduce domestic emissions by 90% compared to 1990 levels. The remaining 10% are to be compensated.The Strategy prioritises the energy sector. Compar...


Liechtenstein. 2022 National Inventory Report (NIR), National Inventory Report from Liechtenstein in 2022

  • Net zero by 2050Economy-wide · Target year: 2050Source: Emissions Trading Act
  • 20% cut in GHG emissions by 2020 compared with a 1990 baselineEconomy-wide: Economy Wide · Target year: 2020Source: Emissions Trading Act
  • 10% cut in CO2, 27% cut in SO2, 41% cut in NOx, and 45% cut in VOC emissions by 2010 compared with a 1990 baselineEconomy-wide: Economy Wide · Target year: 2010Source: Clean Air Act