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This plan follows PDES 2017-2021. It sets government's the short-term development vision, and notably seeks to improve the management of environmental issues, and increase resilience.


Niger First NDC (Updated submission), Nationally Determined Contribution from Niger in 2021


The strategy aims to enhance planning capabilities and subsequent implementation in the country's agricultural sector. It guides the operationalisation of priority actions to improve resilience. The National Strategy for Adaptation of the Agricultural Sector to Climate Change corresponds to the sectoral version of the National Adaptation Plan (NAP). The strategy seeks...

  • 2.5% (unconditional) to 25%(conditional) reduction by 2020 and of 3.5% (unconditional) to 34.6%(conditional) reduction by 2030 in GHG emissions compared to the BAU scenarioEconomy-wide: Economy Wide · Target year: 2030
  • Restoration of agricultural, forest and grazing land: 1,030,000 ha; Management of natural forests: 2,220,000 haLULUCF: LULUCF/Forestry: General
  • Reduction of losses from 12% to less than 10% in the 2020 horizonEnergy: Supply Side Efficiency: Grid/Energy Loss Reduction · Target year: 2020
  • -25% in GDP energy intensity through energy efficiency improvementEnergy: Energy Efficiency
  • Exceed a capacity of 250 MW in 2030; reach 30% shareEnergy: Renewable Energy · Target year: 2030