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Climate targets in National Law & Policy

Latest Documents

, 2019

The Framework was released by the Council for Economic Planning and Development, which was was merged in 2014 with the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission to form the National Development Council. The document assesses the future potential impacts of climate change in Taiwan. It details adaptation strategies to review periodically and address via action plans. ...

, 2017

This plan notably aims to enable the country to switch to clean energy and reduce its carbon emissions. The specific goals are as stated:◆ Encourage banks in Taiwan to extend credit to startups in such important fields as green technology.◆ Persuade banks to voluntarily adopt international Equator Principles, which dictate that impacts to society, the environment and other...

, 2017

This Act aims at developing and better managing the national electric power resources, regulating electricity supply, facilitating the transformation of energy production, reducing carbon emissions, promoting a diverse energy supply, fair competition and reasonable business practice, protecting the interest of the users, and improving the welfare of the society, so as to f...

, 2015

This Act amends and renames the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act 2015. This Act establishes Taiwan's goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and sets out requirements to formulate decarbonisation and adaptation strategies. The Act also defines a just transition and requires competent authorities to consult with communities that are impacted by the transition,...

, 2009

This Act aims at encouraging renewable energy use, promoting energy diversification, improving environmental quality, assisting relevant industries and enhancing sustainable development in Taiwan. The Ministry of Economic Affairs details a yearly formula for calculating feed-in tariffs for renewables.