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Framework climate law no 98/2021

2021LegislativeAdaptation, Disaster Risk Management, MitigationMore details
Sectors: Economy-wide
Resilient infrastructure, Fossil fuel divestment, Net zero growth plan, Sustainable fishing

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Framework climate law no 98/2021
  • Article 18:  1 — The Portuguese State undertakes to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, which translates into a neutral balance between greenhouse gas emissions and the sequestration of these gases by the various sinks. 2 — Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous number, the Government is studying, until 2025, the anticipation of the climate neutrality target, with a view to the commitment to climate neutrality by 2045 at the latest. Article 19: 2 — The following reduction targets are adopted, in relation to 2005 values, of greenhouse gas emissions, not considering the use of soil and forests: (a) by 2030, a reduction of at least 55%; b) By 2040, a reduction of at least 65 to 75%;  c) By 2050, a reduction of at least 90%. 3 — The target for the net CO2 equivalent sink of the land use and forestry sector, of, on average, at least 13 megatons, between 2045 and 2050, is also adopted. Resolution 56/2015 53/2020?Economy-wide: Economy Wide · Target year: 2030
  • 2035 is set as the reference date for the end of sales in Portugal of new light vehicles powered exclusively by fossil fuelsTransport: Transport: General · Target year: 2035