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Government Decision regarding the use of bio fuels and bio liquids 935/2011 amended and complimented with 918/2012

·2011·Policy·MitigationMore details
Sectors: Transport

Main documents

Decision no. 935 of 21/09/2011 regarding the promotion of the use of biocurients and biolichids

Related documents

Decision no. 918 of September 5, 2012 for amending and completing the Government Decision no. 935/2011 regarding the promotion of the use of biofurant and biolichids
  • 35% cut in GHG emissions from biofuels and bioliquids compared to fossil fuels, then 50%, then 60% by 2012, 2017, 2018 against a 2008 baselineEnergy: Renewable Energy: Biofuels · Target year: 2018
  • Fuel suppliers introduce petrol with at least 9% biofuel by volume by 2017, then 10% by 2019Energy: Renewable Energy: Biofuels · Target year: 2019





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