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Law no. 2019-1147 on Energy and the climate

2019LegislativeAdaptation, MitigationMore details
Sectors: Buildings, Economy-wide, Energy, Transport
Resilient infrastructure, Fossil fuel divestment, Net zero growth plan, Sustainable fishing

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Law no. 2019-1147 on Energy and the climate
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  • Carbon neutrality by 2050 objective enshrined into lawEconomy-wide: Economy Wide · Target year: 2050
  • Promote the management of electricity production, with the objective of achieving installed load shedding capacities of at least 6.5 gigawatts by 2028Energy · Target year: 2028
  • Promote the production of electricity from installations using the mechanical energy of the wind located at sea, with the aim of gradually increasing the rate of allocation of installed production capacities following competitive bidding procedures to 1 gigawatt per year by 2024Energy · Target year: 2024
  • Develop low-carbon and renewable hydrogen and its industrial, energy and mobility uses, with the aim of reaching around 20 to 40% of total hydrogen and industrial hydrogen consumption by 2030Energy · Target year: 2030